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The company Visu-IT!, located in Regensburg (Germany), offers high quality Tools and Services in the automotive area, especially for the ECU function- and software-development. Expert tools and knowledge - in the area of measurement, calibration and diagnostic - are among others:

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By using our tools both in the ECU function- and software-development it is possible to follow (customer specific) development processes, eliminate inconsistencies and thus develop high quality products [View PDF]

16.11.2018 - ADDS & FunDoc Release 14.3
Highlights: New VIT Name-Checker/Builder, Visual Data Modeler - Cross Reference, SC Init Values, ...

20.07.2018 - ADDS & FunDoc Release 14.2
Highlights: Autosar Sequence Need, Visual Data Modeler, BusAdp improvements, MDX enhancements, ...

19.07.2018 - PACES Release 7.19
PACES is a new tool which provides high performance access to the ADD database ...

23.03.2018 - ADDS & FunDoc Release 14.1
Highlights: Autosar Client-Server SystemEvents, Excel like UI, Special Characteristics ...

13.12.2017 - Visu-IT! Library 7.2
The Visu-IT! VITLib (Visu-IT! component library) is a container managing the software components "ASAP2 Parser", "A2Library", "ELF-Parser" and "CDF-Reader/Writer"

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