A realtime capable Windows

Concering Windows Mobile / CE habe we have a lot of Know How. I doesn't matter if Windows 2002 / 2003 / 2003SE / WM5 / WM6.x we were on track very soon after it begun. Especially if performance matters, our knowledge will help you.

We develop primarily under C# and C/C++, but if maximum performance is necessary, we go back to ARM-Assembler to get the maximum out of your hardware.

Under C# we use the .net compact framework (3.5), in C/C++ the MFC. The MFC is still an alternative to the Compact Framework, if realtime needs demand "unmanaged code". Beyond that, in a direct comparison the memory consumption of the MFC80U.DLL with 800KB is siginificant lower as the 10MB, needed by the Compact Framework.

And if it's about powerful User Interfaces, we sometimes start building a complete User Interfaces with custom controls, which really can be controlled via finger instead of a pen. An Example is our Remote Controller.