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General Information about DDS

The Visu-IT! Data Declaration System (DDS) is an intuitive database application for defining and managing calibration and measurement items to be used in embedded controllers. DDS manages the calibration and measurement object attributes required for configuring calibration systems, as well as code representation information. To ensure consistency of the DDS data pool and the actual ECU software, ANSI-C code is generated out of the DDS data definitions.

This ANSI-C code is compiled and linked with the ECU software. The generated locator file is used by DDS to:

Basic Functions

Arrays and structured data are mapped to the calibration data object model (curve/map, axis, parameter, online data).

The modular DDS database itself consists of so-called configuration units in the form of (ASCII format) GRL files, which can be managed, together with the ECU source code, by the use of a configuration management system.

The DDS Scripting Host provides basic search and modification operations on the command-line. The DDS COM-API provides access to the internal data structures of the DDS database.

DDS runs on Windows 7, 8, and 10 and supports command line controlled filters. File imports or exports can be invoked either from the DDS Editor graphical user interface or via a command line, allowing the DDS functionality to be integrated with script, batch and make processes. Severity level control mechanisms support the fine-tuning of error management policies to specific customer requirements.

A comprehensive online help system provides context-sensitive user information and step-by-step guidance for all input fields, system messages and command line tool options.



System Requirements