This is how it started...

Visu-IT! LLC (limited liability company) was founded at the 19th October 1999 by the Dipl. Computer Scientists Marcus Venturi, Michael Roßmann, Peter Schmidt und Dietmar Würth, who are all also managing directors of this company.

The registration in the trade register took place at the 5th November 1999 under the number 7564 (local court Regensburg).

At the 1st July 2000 Franz Lohberger became also a managing director and partner of the independent company Visu-IT!.

The first activities of the company Visu-IT! pertain services in the automotive area with the main focus on

Because of the long lasting experiences and the big know how in this area it was possible to develop and take part in various projects. So we helped to develop for notable companies big parts of a measurement- and application system for a control system. These systems are in the world wide assignment of the leading-edge car producers

At the beginning of the year 2004 the spectrum was expanded: Visu-IT! became a tool manufacturer in the automotive area.

These tools support the function- as well as the software development of the control devices. The first significant tool of Visu-IT! was the Software-Development tool Data Declaration System (DDS). DDS is already in world wide use. In the year 2005, another important tool for the function development was realeased: the Automotive Data Dictionary (ADD). Further new tools followed and will come.

Memberships and Partners
Visu-IT! has been approved as an Associate Member of the AUTOSAR partnership
AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is a worldwide development partnership of car manufacturers, suppliers and other companies from the electronics, semiconductor and software industry. Being an AUTOSAR member, Visu-IT! is able to exploit the standard, especially the AUTOSAR-SWC standard.
Visu-IT! is a member of the ASAM e.V.
The Association for Standardisation of Automation- and Measuring Systems provides standards for data models, interfaces and syntax specifications for different applications.
Visu-IT! is a partner of the The MathWorks Connection Program.
Visu-IT! has been accepted into The MathWorks Connection Program with the tool Automotive Data Dictionary (ADD).

Visu-IT! is a partner of TASKING - Embedded Software Development from Altium.
The TASKING VX-toolset for TriCore and the TASKING classic C166/ST10 toolset are supported from the Visu-IT! tools DDS (Data Declaration System) and ASAP2Toolkit (ASAP2 Editor & tools).

Microchip Technology Inc. is a leading provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors. Visu-IT! is a trusted Third Party tool provider regarding the software tool ASAP2Toolkit which works with Microchip compilers for PIC18, PIC24, and dsPIC MCUs.
Green Power

Since 01.07.2012 Lichtblick supplies the Visu-IT! GmbH with green power. Thereby 6,07 tons of carbon dioxide emissions will be avoided per year.