Integration of ADD into Matlab Simulink

Due to the flexible ADD Matlab Services, it is possible:

Scenario how ADD can be integrated into your Simulink models/blockset
Like all MATLAB functions it’s possible to also embed the ADD Matlab Services into your “MATLAB Simulink” or “dSpace TargetLink” work flow.

In order to parallel the creation of a simulation model and appropriate “ADD” – container (allegorised as DDX-file) it’s necessary to adduct a few services.

Schematic diagram:

The following example shows up the implementation for a Simulink “Lookup2D” - block! The aim is to ally the creation of the “Lookup2D” – block and its corresponding ADD object (“Map”) by using the services “vitADDOffline” and “vitDDX2WS”.

Create & Link an individual “Function Block Parameter” (q.v. “vitLookup2D_ParameterDLG.fig”)
To link a figure on a block element it is necessary to call the decated MATLAB function within the appropriated Callback function. The Callback function “OpenFcn” ha been used in this particular example.
After double clicking on the appropriate block, “OpenFcn” executes the dialog function “vitLookup2D_ParamterDLG.m”.
The parameter value is defined as handle of the current block (MATLAB function: “get_param(gcb, ‘Handle’))”).>

The “vitLookup2D_ParameterDLG” block property window can handle the row, column and output data of a “Lookup2D” - block. Also it is possible to start “ADD Offline” by pressing the “Open ADD” button, set the block attributes (“RowIndex”, “ColumnIndex”, “OutputValues”) by pressing “OK” and close the property window by pressing “Cancel”.

Create ADD object using “ADDOffline”
By pressing the “Open ADD” button the underlying “btADD_Callback” function will be executed.

First service call “vitADDOffline” opens “ADD Offline” user interface and automatically creates a new object with classification “Output”, type “Online” and set the “Vector of output values” – string as name . At this junction object name will be “Visu-IT! Lookup2D”. After redacting the newly created ADD object to a proper “Map”-object, the “ADD Offline” editor must save the DDX-file and could be closed afterward.

Assign Simulink Block
The subsequent service call “vitDDX2WS” transmits the DDX-file into MATLAB Workspace (WS).
Now it’s possible to exactly snatch the content of a WS variable by composing its prefix (see “addsPrefix”), type (according to the block type: Lookup2D » Map) and name (“ADDobjName”). WS data could be transferred to Simulink block (identifier: “blockHandle”) by pressing the “OK”-bottom.

Hint: Block parameters could only be set if the underlying model is unlocked!

For further details, please see the document "ADD Matlab Services" (see Quicklinks)