Using ADD definitions in Matlab

ADD provides an interface to the product Matlab/Simulink of the company The MathWorks.
This interface/link allows to:

Visu-IT! has been accepted into The MathWorks Connection Program with ADD. ADD is listed at the connection program web page on the MathWorks web site at:

Link to ADD at Mathworks

Exporting ADD data objects into the Matlab workspace is quite easy:

The services "vitDDX2WS" (cf. ?) and "vitWS2DDX" (cf. ?) represent the gateway between ADD and Matlab.

The "ADD to Matlab - Form" is used to directly import an ADD Container into the Matlab Workspace.
There are two different ways to open the form:

How to start the export from ADD to Matlab
1. Open "Import ADD Container" using Matlab Simulink Library Browser

After opening Matlab Simulink Library Browser the "Visu-IT!" - block (cf. ?) must be selected.
By double clicking on the appearing "Import ADD Container" - block (cf. ?) the import dialog will be automatically opened.
As a great benefit of this loading style the "Import ADD Container" - block can be handled as any other Simulink block. Hence "Drag & Drop" is possible.

2. Open "Import ADD Container" using Matlab Command Window
Service call: vitADD2MATLAB();

In Matlab Command Window type "vitADD2MATLAB()" to open import interface.

To check the quality of the started import it is necessary to define return values, e.g.:

[result error_string] = vitADD2MATLAB();
result = vitADD2MATLAB();

At this junction result denotes a successful ('1') or aborted ('0') import as a logical value. In case of an aborted run the char array error_string describes the error.

For further details, please see the document "ADD Matlab Services" (see Quicklinks)