Importing ADD definitions into DDS

DDS uses ADD as a global data dictionary (data warehouse) for the ECU variable declarations. The data dictionary contains all variables/objects which are described in the ECU system specification. These variables/objects will be reused in DDS by linking/referencing the ADD objects from corresponding DDS entities. If such a logical link is established, the attributes of the ADD data objects will be reused in DDS and extended with further - mainly development and calibration related - attributes.
The attributes of the ADD data objects have a higher priority and can't be overwritten in DDS.

DDS accesses ADD in 'readOnly' mode by using the ADD-API. For each ADD object, the DDS "ADD-Import" filter creates a Data Dictionary Proxy definition in the DDS database.
A DD proxy definition in DDS corresponds 1:1 to an ADD data object. DD proxy definitions are used in DDS as "provider of DD attributes" for the 'real' DDS definitions.

ADD - DDS Link using Data Dictionary Proxies