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Automotive Data Dictionary (ADD)

ADD represents a global data dictionary for all ECU labels/variables used in a company/organisation. The single source concept of ADD eases the handling and management of data declarations over all projects.
Due to the (company-wide) availability and uniqueness of these labels, ADD allows a continuous and consistent data declaration during the whole development process.

Main objective is to centralize all data elements/definitions and to support the reuse of the data for the function development part as well as to the software development. This means that everyone is able to select a data definition from a single source, where the data is stored unique, project- as well as editor- independent. Thus it is ensured, that the data definitions are equal in the whole development process.

ADD avoids redundancy of data due to company wide availability and uniqueness of these data.

Interfaces of ADD to other tools & Principal process flow

Main Objectives for seamless data definition covered by ADD